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  • New Jersey May Adopt Badge Requirement

    New Jersey May Adopt Badge Requirement

    Assuming the Governor signs it into law, New Jersey will soon require that contractors registered with the Division of Consumer Affairs in the Department of Law and Public Safety wear [...]

  • FTC Fines Contractor $350,000 on Energy Claims

    FTC Fines Contractor $350,000 on Energy Claims

    Edward Sumpolec, who conducted business under three separate names, was recently fined $350,000 by the Federal Trade Commission for allegedly making deceptive and unsubstantiated claims with regard to the insulation [...]

  • BBB E-Mail Scam Alert

    BBB E-Mail Scam Alert

    A growing number of businesses and individuals are reporting receiving a fake e-mail allegedly from the Better Business Bureau stating either that a complaint has been filed against their business [...]

  • What Did You Say?

    What Did You Say?

    A peeved customer did what all too many peeved customers do in today’s world: she logged into an online review site and left a scathing review of the contractor. However, [...]

  • Are You and Your Finance Company Complying with the PATRIOT Act?

    Are You and Your Finance Company Complying with the PATRIOT Act?

    Most financial institutions must have a written Customer Identification Program (CIP) under the USA PATRIOT Act. The CIP is intended to enable the institution to form a reasonable belief that [...]

  • Changes Coming to Workers’ Compensation Calculation

    Changes Coming to Workers’ Compensation Calculation

    Recent changes in the calculation of experience modification rates (EMR) will likely increase your workers’ compensation premiums. The National Council of Compensation Insurers (NCCI) has a formula that calculates EMR, [...]

  • Handling Late Cancels

    Handling Late Cancels

    Contractors often ask if they can impose a late cancellation fee anytime an order is canceled outside of the 3-day rescission period. The answer is “yes” so long as there [...]

  • Required Demonstrations for Sweepstakes

    Required Demonstrations for Sweepstakes

    “Schedule your appointment today and be entered to win our $10,000 Sweepstakes.” Is this legal? The short answer is “no”. The reason is that while anyone can conduct a sweepstakes, [...]

NAPAC Exclusives

Confident in Your Energy Savings Claims?


Introducing WISE
NAPAC’s Window Indagate Savings on Energy (“WISE”) Project provides scientifically-backed energy cost savings for a residential customer upgrading to a NAPAC Member’s specific energy efficient window. Both dollar saving and energy saving data is provided exclusively to the NAPAC Member, on a customized basis for the Member’s specific window, by city and state.

CLICK HERE for more details.

Securely Go Paperless with Ease


Introducing CleanClose by NAPAC
The industry’s ONLY complete protocol system for allowing the easy and secure closing of in-home sales and financing in a purely electronic format, designed for remodeling and home improvement sales. Uses your own contract, just as you have it now! Close and sign on any laptop, tablet, or iPad!

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