Two Easy Ways to Save Your Remodeling Business Money

Remodeling contractors are always on the hunt for ways to generate more leads in order to sell more jobs. The ways in which remodelers can experience success may seem overwhelming. You want to create a competitive edge, but you can’t do it alone. What you need is a support system. Having a partner in the business can make all the difference.

Ready to save money as you build your home improvement company? Here are major ways to secure your future.

Partner with a Contractors’ Association

If you partner with an industry association, you’ll in all probability reap multiple benefits. For instance, a partnership of this type not only helps potential clients find your business, but it can also provide you with the means to offer them better financing. You will probably save money on your lending costs as you offer your customers better choices of how to pay.

Associations like NAPAC, for instance, provide connections to financing options and other vendor options that can save you and your clients significant money.

Utilize Credit Card Processing

To accept debit and credit cards, your business requires a credit card processing company. When you open your company up to accepting credit, you open the door to increasing your closing rates.

Most people finance their home improvement projects. Those who have financing options offered to them are more likely to increase the size of their project. When you increase a homeowner’s purchasing power, you can simultaneously increase your profit margin.

As a part of an association, you will also have a boost of credibility. Homeowners look for contractors who are trustworthy, licensed, and accredited. When you partner with an association that only accepts leaders in the industry, you can market yourself as such. In addition, if you can offer your clients financing options, they are more likely to choose you above other home improvement companies who don’t or can’t offer the same attractive terms. To save money on financing and other vendor options, contact NAPAC by calling 267-214-6229 or emailing us today to find out more!


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