The remodeling industry accounts for approximately $300 billion per year and is highly fragmented, ranging from part-time handymen to full-service remodelers. In recent studies the remodeling industry has a 30% rework rate, which means the customer has to redo a project they bought 30% of the time due to product failure or worse the company they hired to do the work went out of business and was unable to service warranty work.

NAPAC contractors are “elite” remodelers that have a verifiable track record of customer satisfaction. They all offer very high quality products that are installed by certified craftsmen. Each customer is not only protected by the member’s warranties; they are also protected by the accredited manufacturer’s warranty and NAPAC’s “Performance” guarantee. Each customer is also protected by NAPAC’s “Assurance of Lowest Price” guarantee. This means that within 30 days of purchase, if a customer finds the same quality material and labor, with the same guarantees and same performance values as the NAPAC member offers…for less, the NAPAC member will refund you the difference plus $1000.00 for the customer’s inconvenience! All these promises are designed to give the customer piece of mind in their purchase.