If your manufacturing or contracting company is considered a LEADER in the REMODEDLING Industry, you may qualify for NAPAC Membership.

Learn how your annual savings will easily equal a payback of 10 to 100 times (or more) of your annual membership…or we’ll refund your fee in total. With no downside and a tremendous upside, it pays to see if you qualify.

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By Invitation Only:

If accepted, you’ll immediately reap tremendous bottom line savings which we have negotiated with several key vendors based on the high total volume of business we have guaranteed them.

Your private access to these savings include:

Premium Financing Options – we have negotiated with one of the nation’s top financing providers to offer special rates for virtually all of your customers, no matter what their credit scores, equity situation, etc. Our members have seen more paper bought with less concessions on their end. Fees have been reduced by as much as 50%, saving an average of $5,680 per every $100,000 in financing volume. The customer wins and so do you.

Credit Card Financing Fees – you may think you have a great deal, but in nearly 90% of all cases, we have shown our members just how much money they’re leaving on the table. Before you join, we will perform a free audit to show your potential savings based on your company’s history. Switching to NAPAC’s processing partner is seamless and once done, it’s business as usual but with substantial savings.

Lead Paint Training and Compliance – we have negotiated special rates for classroom and online training for those companies needing to be in compliance with the EPA (or state) Lead Paint Rules. Plus, our members save a maximum 20% on all the necessary forms and pamphlets to ensure compliance in case of an audit.

The Tip of the Iceberg – as our membership grows, our clout in the marketplace continues to give us a strategic advantage as we negotiate other savings with key vendors in the lead generation and marketing world. Plus, your qualifications as a NAPAC Master Solutions Member will include your agreement to abide by our Code of Conduct. This is a powerful tool to show your prospective clients the advantages of doing business with your company versus the competition.

NAPAC CODE of CONDUCT…a customer pledge:

1. Every customer will receive an exact price in writing (not a ballpark estimate) for their project of interest.
2. The price given will be guaranteed for one full year. This means there’s no high pressure.
3. If the NAPAC Contractor cannot provide the “right” solution for the customer, every attempt will be made to guide the customer to another company capable of meeting the customer’s needs.
4. Every customer will be offered all available “time sensitive” promotions including special financing plans that NAPAC has negotiated through their network.
5. All customers will be given a timeline for their project, including anticipated start and completion dates. Should there be any variances to the schedule, the NAPAC Contractor will provide timely updates as they occur through a mutually-agreed channel of communication.
6. All customers will receive a copy of the NAPAC Contractor’s insurance coverages, applicable warranties, lowest price and performance guarantees, licenses, permits, proof of EPA (or state) Firm Certification (applicable for projects on homes built before 1978 where there could be lead paint), etc.

Not all contractors are created equal. For your peace of mind, the NAPAC Contractor has met critical standards, including:

  • 7 years in business with a track record of customer satisfaction which has been verified through an independent survey firm.
  • Uses only employees and sub-contractors who have been thoroughly background checked and drug tested.
  • Complies with the NAPAC Code of Conduct.
  • Issues a “Performance for Life” Guarantee on every job.
  • Issues an “Assurance of Lowest Price & Best Value” Guarantee on every job.
  • Offers NAPAC Financing Options through leading national institutions.
  • Offers quality products through NAPAC Manufacturers when available.
NAPAC Contractors are typically chosen for being highly qualified craftsmen with a 90% or higher customer satisfaction rating in their markets.

If interested, prospects can email pet@napac.net or call 1-877-626-4555 for more information.

What NAPAC Members are saying:

“Our credit card fees were running close to $28,000 a month before joining. Today, that number is closer to $19,000. And with the financing, the buy rate is far superior to the banks and companies we had been using. Our fees have been running $80-91,000 a month…scary to think we have been spending over a million dollars a year to do business with a bank! When we start to discount and fund these jobs, it appears from the programs we are selling that we should reduce these numbers by 30 to 40%. NAPAC has been a WIN just from these two programs. What’s next?” Dave (I suggest at least a last name initial and city/state if not the full name of the person and the company)

“We recently became a NAPAC Master Solutions’ member and are very pleased with the fast approvals we have received. The website is very user friendly and has several loan programs to offer our customers. There are even programs for the less-than-perfect customer and they offer very affordable payment options. We are looking forward to a long and prosperous business relationship with NAPAC. Sandy

“I wanted to let you and your team at NAPAC know that we are very pleased with our new financing program. In short, between the lower dealer fees, more flexible options to better fit our customers’ needs, and buying deeper has allowed us to sell more jobs, provide a better income to our sales reps, and make our company more profitable. And we are just getting started!” John

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